Come Let Us Adore Him

Every year, I feel the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas passes by more quickly. I’m sure it is because I seem to cram more and more in those few weeks each and every year. Even to a believer, the focus of Christmas becomes gifts, decorations, concerts, dinners, and get-togethers. I need a tool to help me take time to not lose my focus on what is most important.
Paul David Tripp is well-known as an author and speaker. As a pastor, I’ve benefitted from several of his books including Dangerous Calling, Awe, and Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands. His new Advent season devotional, Come, Let Us Adore Him, is a great choice to help you focus on what is most important this holiday season.
The format is similar to another good devotion book he has produced titled New Morning Mercies.
He shares some perspective and some thoughts to help the reader get their mind on Christ. Then, there is a short Bible passage to read and reflect. I appreciate this, as while Tripp writes well and shares good wisdom and insight, he doesn’t leave it there, but challenges the reader to dig in this short passage on their own. My hope is that the reader would do that. I could see that being an easy thing to skip over during busy days, but that requires one’s own personal discipline. This requires a little more commitment than the average devotion book that provides the reader with a nice thought. This book challenges you to think on your own.

Something he added for this book is one of its best features. For those with families, including children of any age, there is an added paragraph to encourage discussion. It begins with a “central theme” and then there are some suggested questions. The discussions are great and will be very helpful for one who leads their family through them helping each in their family have a deeper understanding of Christmas.

Anything that can help me refocus on the “right things” at Christmas and during the days leading up is something that I need and this book provides that assistance and from a clear God-centered perspective pointing the reader to the glory of God. I highly recommend using this tool this month of December. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Crossway Publishers in exchange for an honest review.   (Mike)
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