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Psalm 150

Think about this for a moment. We are ALL called to the worship ministry! No, not each one of us is specifically called to play guitar, drums, keyboards or sing solos in front of the whole church on Sunday mornings. But, we are ALL called to worship, and our congregation forms the one real worship choir – the body of believers singing praises to God.
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On the other hand, maybe you really do play guitar, drums, or sing solos! There are many opportunities to get further involved with worship ministries at Immanuel, and there are many volunteer positions that we need to fill each week. Musicians can easily find a place to participate in our adult and children’s choirs, worship teams, and instrumental ensembles. Others use their gifts in sound, video, lighting, and computers to help us lead worship each week. Still others use their gifts in decorating, visual arts, floral design, building and designing. We are a “servant-oriented” ministry and would love for you to join us. For more information, please contact Pastor Mike here.

Featured Song

Worship Songs to Know!

We add new worship songs about once per month so we have two new songs for January and February we’d like you to get to know. 

O Praise the Name (Anastasis) is a powerful and very singable worship song that declares our active praise to God while reciting the redemption story through its verses. It starts with the crucifixion and ends with the resurrection and points us to eternity. Our congregation quickly adopted this one and sang it the very first time as if they’ve been singing it for weeks. That is a great sign of a very singable worship song. There are many, many wonderful Christian songs being released but not all of them have this special quality of being truly a congregational song. Enjoy this song as you get to know it.
1000 Tongues has a great driving feel and brings some needed energy and excitement. While the title is reminiscent of the great hymn of the great hymn O For 1000 Tongues to Sing it doesn’t have the great theological depth of that hymn, but has its own important role in congregational worship. Through the simplicity of the very singable chorus and the the energy it draws from us as we participate in worship, we are encouraged to loudly proclaim the great truth of God’s grace and glory. It is a song that unites us in singing praise to our Lord encouraging active participatory worship. 

Do you use Spotify? Many people have found it a great resource for listening and enjoying music. If you do, be sure to check out our Spotify list titled “Our Songs” which highlights many of the songs we regularly sing in worship. This list can be helpful to get to know the songs we sing, but also can be a very encouraging and uplifting grouping of songs that you will likely enjoy. Check it out!

The Songs We Sing
There are a lot of great worship songs available. Some are great for listening and enjoying and others make great congregational songs. We can’t begin to sing every great song out there, but we thing we sing some of the best. You may already know many of them. Here is a link to a
or listen to songs right here.
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