Spring Semester Adult Electives

March 7 – May 30, 2021

Old Testament Part 1 – Promises Made

Teacher: Lee Barton (Room 200/202)
This seminar is a survey of the first of the eleven books of the Old Testament. It will include teaching about the metanarrative of Jesus and the big picture of the whole Bible.

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – The Biblical Theology of Gender

Teacher: Will Zalizniak (One Journey Center)
This seminar will study the biblical description of God’s plan for gender identity in the home, the church, and the workplace. It will also include a consideration of the definition of complementarianism and the objections to it as well as our culture’s issue with gender dysmorphia.


Teacher: Aaron Nystrom (Fireside Room)
Fighting for faith in the middle of a trial requires preparation even before the trial begins. Learning that God has a plan for us even in the moment of suffering, we can fight for faith while learning what it means to share burdens.

Church History – Hell’s Gates will not Prevail

Teacher: Dave Wheat (Virtual Class – please contact the church office so you can be included in Zoom instructions)
From the early church, through the middle ages and the reformation, the church remains founded on Jesus Christ. This seminar is a celebration of God’s faithfulness to His church over the last 2,000 years.