Proverbs 3:9 tells us to honor our Lord with the “first-fruits” of all our labor. It is a joy to participate in ministry through giving. There are several ways to do so.

EGift (Electronic Funds Transfer)

EGift automatically deducts a pre-authorized contribution from your checking account on either the 5th and/or the 20th  of each month. There is no fee for this service. Please contact the church office for more information.

Give Online via ECheck, Bank Card or Credit Card

Schedule a one-time gift or set up recurring gifts, either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. There is a 3% convenience fee per transaction.
  • ECheck (Bank Account) withdraws directly from your checking or savings account. Please check with your financial institution for any fees they may charge.
  • Bank Cards from your financial institution pull funds from your checking account.
  • Credit Cards may also be used, but be warned that this convenience comes at a higher banking cost and we certainly discourage accumulating interest-bearing debt to give an offering and you may be charged an additional fee by your credit card company.


Placing Gifts in Offering Plates

  • We receive an offering in most of our services. This is the traditional way of receiving offerings in churches. We will provide envelopes to regular contributors or anyone who requests. This provides a way to manage giving, making it regular and faithful and provide a way of tracking your giving financially.
  • If you would like envelopes, contact the church office.

Mail Contributions

  • If mailing a check is more convenient, simply send it to: Giving Secretary; Immanuel Baptist Church; 152111 Tulip Ln, Wausau, WI 54401.
In whatever way you find convenient to give, we hope you find joy as you understand the value of participating in the ongoing ministry of this church family and do this in love and obedience in your personal walk with Jesus Christ.
If you have any questions about giving at Immanuel Baptist Church, contact the church office and we’d be happy to talk to you.