Winter Semester Adult Electives

December 3, 2023 – February 25, 2024


Fear of Man

Teachers: Ben Graham & Mike Lanser (One Journey Center) 6 weeks: Dec. 3 – Jan. 7
Explore what the fear of man looks like in our lives and culture. We have been called to fear God and love others. Learn how we have lost this focus, and how we can begin to reestablish the fear of God in our lives.

Unity and Diversity

Teachers: Aaron Nystrom & Alex Trotter (One Journey Center) 7 weeks: Jan. 17 – Feb. 25
Explore why unity and diversity are important to the church. Our unity and diversity are a reflection of God Himself and in this course, you will pour through pages of the Bible and uncover what God has to say about the purposes of similarity, working through disunity, and counsel for Christians in minority and majority.

Systematic Theology Part 2

Teacher: Will Zalizniak (Room 200) 13 weeks
This seminar progresses through roughly the second half of a systematic theology, including the work of the Holy Spirit, the doctrines of justification, sanctification, and perseverance of the saints, the role of prayer, spiritual gifts, ordinances, and the local church, and concludes with discussion on the end times.

New Testamant Survey Part 2

Teacher: Josh Sturm (Fireside Room) 13 weeks
God has a design and purpose for families. This seminar will unveil that design and purpose and provide practical instruction to aid parents in training up children for the glory of God.