Winter Semester Adult Electives

December 4, 2022 – February 26, 2023


Two Ways to Live

Teacher: Rob Love (Fireside Room) 8 weeks: Dec. 4 – Jan. 22
This seminar will be a reminder that the gospel must include all of God’s provision, man’s rebellion, Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the response of sinners to Jesus.

Meeting With God

Teacher: Aaron Nystrom (Fireside Room) 5 weeks: Jan. 29 – Feb. 26
As part of the “basics” core track, this seminar is designed to ground you in the foundational disciplines of the Christian life. Meeting with God will expose you to practical tools you can use to meet with God on a daily basis.

Biblical Theology

Teacher: Josh Sturm (Room 200) 13 weeks
Biblical Theology is the discipline of learning how to read the Bible as one story, by one divine author culminating in the person and work of Christ. Your understanding of the overarching narrative of the Scriptures will grow as you dive deeper into the Word.



Teacher: Will Zalizniak (One Journey Center) 13 weeks
God has a design and purpose for families. This seminar will unveil that design and purpose and provide practical instruction to aid parents in training up children for the glory of God.